Pennsylvania Pygmy Goats

In 1974, our lives were changed forever, when Pandora, our first pygmy goat came to the farm. A few years later I read about the formation of the National Pygmy Goat Association and became a member in 1977. A few years later my little herd was progeny tested & registered. I then added a lovely little buck, Sycamore Shadows Bear (a PCGH Morgan son) to the herd. During the mid 80's I went to my first show, and nine shows later I was the judge! In the years following I was active in the Show Ring as a Show Chair, NPGA director, officer & committee member & chair, as well as licensed judge.

I enjoyed showing with my daughters Sarah and Jessica (Sarah has also become a licensed judge) and we had many successes in the ring. We completed Ten Permanent Champions and had One National Champion buck in our herd:

  • PGCH Old Orchard Fable
  • PGCH Old Orchard Fortune
  • PGCH 32 Pines Juliet (breeder Ben Dillon)
  • PGCH Old Orchard Niblette
  • PGCH Old Orchard Royal
  • PGCH Old Orchard Syracuse
  • PGCH Old Orchard Giselle
  • PGCH Old Orchard Dark Star
  • PGCH Sweet Briar Meadow Judah (breeder Dennis Stauffer)
  • PGCH M & M Pygmies Neiko (breeder Julie Meyers) 1990 National Champion Buck.

and in other herds:

  • PGCH Old Orchard Kenyon (owned by Rose Roberts-Brown)
  • PGCH Old Orchard Hale (owned by Don Korrell)

    After hosting the NPGA's 1994 convention I stopped showing and breeding due to my work schedule. My last few years have allowed more time for goats, so we now breed and show a little. Our breeding goals are to raise healthy and happy goats. While we like to show we will not compromise the health and welfare of our goats.

    We try to produce kids with correct conformation that have style and balance. We believe in moderate functional pygmies. We like to see femininity and grace in our does, and while we want masculinity in the bucks, we also want to see some definition. We do not believe that excessive width and depth is the hallmark of a quality pygmy.

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